Only Mixes or Sets of your own

A Portal for the latest free-promotionl DJ mixes for all board members. Please put all you're tracklists / download links / Info in here.
Posting another mix then your own is forbidden.
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Only Mixes or Sets of your own

Postby EL-Jay » Tue Dec 01, 2009 11:02 am

> Only Uplifting Trance Mixes & Sets of your own!

> Free Promotional Sets!

Posting of other Mixes of sets, which are not your personal mixes or sets will be follow automatic by IP-Ban

Rules :!:

Full Entire Mixes, no Cue Files!!!! :!:

You have a new mix? use the update international discription with date of release. -YEAR.MONTH.DAY
In the interest of worldwide copyright laws and to respect the artists we absolutely do not allow listeners to post download links of sets that are ripped off a Radio stream. Download links may ONLY be posted by the following:
1. By a member of the UrDance4u.
2. By the artist or the show host themselves.
3. No CUE files!!!

How to make your topic.....

1. Discription Headlines:
DJ name - Name of mixes - (update: last date of new mix episode (
EL-Jay - TranceStoned 014, -2008.10.18

4. download url ( no links from other forums, except: or crew of
5. File Info:
- Style: (Progressive/ Deep Progressive, Hard Trance...choose or name it)
- Length: (how long in minutes)
- Broadcasted (if it was broadcasted: Radiostation name and broadcasting date)
- if possible nice pic of yours or forum friendly flyer

Use Public or your own server:
01. 1.2Gig!
02. 100Mb Limit
03. 100Mb Limit
04. 100Mb Limit
05. 300MB
07. (good mirror)
08. (nice mirror)
10. (very nice mirror)
11. (maximum 100 MB per file but you can split with winrar)
15. (with stream) 100 Mb Limit (own account, free till 5 Gb) RECOMMEND!!

Tip: Create an account on (low price)

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