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Fredrik Andersson
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Postby Fredrik Andersson » Sat May 01, 2010 3:52 pm

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Im a 29 year old bedroom/livingroom dj from the land that brought you Ikea, meatballs, Marcus Schössow, Pryda and Absolut Vodka.

Im all house/electro/techno/progressive house and other clicky sounds that some people might call “noise”:)

My future plans is involving some club gigs and maybe some webradio residencys.
But guess i have to wait and see what the future got in hands for me.

Have some mixes available, and they are done live on my pioneer decks and numark turntables.
Feel free to check them out @ Promomixes page.

Current Setup:

Pioneer cdj200 X2
Numark TT200 X2
Torq Connectiv Vinyl/Cd timecode system
M-Audio Trigger Finger
Behringer VMX300 Mixer
Hercules Dj Console MK2
M-Audio Studiophile DX4 Monitors
and a laptop for recording.
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