EL-Jay presents TranceAction 049, DiscoverTrance -2012.09.15

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EL-Jay presents TranceAction 049, DiscoverTrance -2012.09.15

Postby EL-Jay » Fri Aug 31, 2012 12:05 pm

Today an 2 hr, new trip episode at the old TranceAction formula: Select as much
same tracks together, and let them speeding with pumping beats to serve your trip
in a uplifting journey. This episode selection, we go banging in the most massive
2011 ~2012 tracks, incl the hottest newest tunes on Uplifting Trance. Be ready for your eargasm!

Image choose your player & bitrade

EL-Jay presents TranceAction 049, DiscoverTrance -2012.09.15
01. Eugene Karnak - Monthu (Original Mix)-2012-[Digitized]
02. Joe Shadows - Across the Bay (Original Mix)-2012-[Nile-Tunes]
03. Final Aeon ft. Amelia - Another Place (Original Mix)-2011-[I.M.Red Trance Digital]
04. Origin - Limbo (Peter Plaznik Remix)-2012-[Discover White]
05. Ancient Mind - Kaf (Mike Demirele Remix)-2011-[Sorcery]
06. André van Reese & Kane Nelson presents ArKane - Bang! (Channel Surfer Remix)-2011-[Discover]
07. Active Limbic System - Greenland (Darren Porter Remix)-2011-[NU Communicate]
08. Aftermorning - Mighty Dreams (Traces Traxx Remix)-2011-[Only Trance]
09. Michele Cecchi - Upon A Star (Martin Libsen Remix)-2012-[Trance All-Stars]
10. Dreamy - Reminded Childhood (Tensile Force Remix)-2012-[NSR]
11. Gary Proud - Apollo's Children (Original Mix)-2012-[Discover]
12. Gary Proud - We Are (Original Mix)-2012-[Discover]
13. Mr Carefull - Iridium (Original Mix & Luke Warner & Mat Lock Remix )-2012-Defcon] (EL-Jay edit)
14. Jase Thirlwall - Slam (Original Mix)-2012-[Discover White]
15. Reiklavik & Iqcha - Without Words (Mike Flyer Remix)-2012-[Infected Identity]
16. ID - ID [CD-R]
17. Raytheon - Blade Run (Original Mix)-2012-[Pulsar]
18. Mark Burton - Boludo (Reaves & Ahorn Remix)-2011-[Vandit]
19. Grains of Sound - Eager Fingers (Original Mix)-2012-[Pharmacy]
20. Moonsouls - Kilimanjaro (Flexrev 'Uplift' Mix)-2012-[Silent Shore]

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