Trance2impact restart at Quadratur Radio Paris

Ur Uplifting Trance Radioshow @ Quadratur Web-Radio Paris
Show did stop in 2013
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Trance2impact restart at Quadratur Radio Paris

Postby EL-Jay » Wed Nov 16, 2011 12:11 pm

After the shutdown at, brought the show over to It was a short life at, we could not agree to get a better timeslot & to go weekly. They prefered more "knowed names DJ's" who are never on-line to bring that extra to the show... so it was better to stop with it, other issue was.. could not live with the very, very, very strickly rules at so strickly that they deleted on of my promosets, what was 100% conform their rules. We talked about it, recieved excuses not straight, but by other crew member. It was a matter of point; I know what I want, I know what I don't want. I prefer interaction during the shows, presenting following tracklist and to talk or chat with the listners. I do a lot of promotion around my shows and the streams can take the advance of it, you build up credits and respect in time... but the stricktly rules were more importand.

I found a new stream who is upcomming in the scene. Quadratur WebRadio Paris! I discovered the stream after my guestmix for AWOT (A World Of Trance) with Trance Arts. I started talking wit the Streamowner and we got a fast agreement. Excellent weekly Tuesday Time slot, 2 hrs (what I don't got on the other streams) on prime-time 22:00 - 24:00 CET. ( you know... I'm mixing-o-holic, it is part of my life. With joining 32 labels promopools, recieve enough tracks to addiction to my mix to meet.
More than Special, have also weekly Tranced Emotion on Trance.FM on Tuesday at 21:00 - 22:00, so it is nice to switch over to the next show and it's for me no extra work, only more fun. Weekly shows concentrated on Tuesday prime time from 21:00 ~ 24:00 hrs on 2 streams in rank. Hannibal of the A-Team alway's say.. "I love when a plan comes together" so I agree in that!
My statement: Make alway's 2 steps forwards after a dissapointing, go for the future and start earning!
First show at episode 008 starts nov. 22th 2011!

The tracks I use for Trance2impact are the USED tracks of the radioshows: Tranced Emotion, TranceAction & TranceStoned (I use in these 3 shows, the tracks only 1 time). I mix them as a live-set, to get as much same kind of tracks in rank & compatible, like I do with the TranceAction shows.

Following Tracklist at this forum, the melonprod facebook page and


2011-201?: Melon Prod Quadratur-WebRadio Paris



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