EL-Jay - This is Industrial Uplifting Trance 008 -2013.11.06

Industrial promoset 2 hrs, monthly at UrDance4u Stream on Demand player
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EL-Jay - This is Industrial Uplifting Trance 008 -2013.11.06

Postby EL-Jay » Sun Nov 03, 2013 1:35 pm

Ur monthly 2hrs industrial uplifting trance promoset on Social Media

EL-Jay presents This is Industrial Uplifting Trance 008, UrDance4u.com -2013.11.06
01. Mike Oceanic - All or Nothing (Original Mix)-2012-[Discover Digital]
02. Christopher Lawrence - Libra (Lisa Lashes Remix)-2013-[Pharmacy]
03. Digital Elements - Perfect Sense (Estigma Remix)-2013-[Silent Shore White]
04. Johan Ekman & Tobias Johansson - Eye Can (do it) (Original Mix)-2013-[Redux]
05. Fergie & Sadrian - Little Boy (Sean J Morris Mix)-2012-[Pharmacy]
06. 5th Dimension - Roses (Original Mix)-2013-[TFB]
07. French Skies - Blaster (Stephane Badey Remix)-2013-[TFB]
08. Michael C. & Jean Luc - Hit Me (The Remixes) (Filip Marak Remix)-2012-[TAR]
09. John Askew - How Can I Put This (Liam Wilson & James Rigby UA Edit Mix)-2013-[Flux Delux]
10. Matrick feat. Ange - Eclipse (Original Mix)-2013-[Suanda]
11. Kamui - Gaga Culture (Original Mix)-2010-[Approved By Jesus]
12. Michele Cecchi - Our Destiny (Hard Mix)-2013-[Nile-Tunes]
13. Peter Plaznik - The Werewolf (Original Mix)-2011-[TAR]
14. Photographer - This Is Upstep (Touchstone Remix)-2013-[Digitized]
15. Danny Young - Fly Away (Original Mix)-2013-[Monster Digital]
16. Inertia - The Chamber (Liam Wilson UA Edit Remix)-2013-[Flux Delux]
17. Paul Webster ft. Angelic Amanda - Time (Sean Tyas Remix)-[Armada]
18. Brian Cameron - Fatality (Original Mix)-2013-[Monter Digital]
19. Eddie Bitar - Juggernaut (Original Mix)-2012-[Mental Asylum]
20. Hassen B - Land Of Happiness (Jesper Olesen's Shredded Remix)-2013-[Silver Waves]
21. Harmonic Rush - We're Ghosts (Original Mix)-2013-[Monster Digital]

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