EL-Jay - This is Industrial Uplifting Trance 010 -2013.12.04

Industrial promoset 2 hrs, monthly at UrDance4u Stream on Demand player
With Substyles: Dark, Tech, Weird, Naughty, Rough and Tough.
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EL-Jay - This is Industrial Uplifting Trance 010 -2013.12.04

Postby EL-Jay » Sun Nov 03, 2013 1:39 pm

Ur monthly 2hrs industrial uplifting trance promoset on Social Media

EL-Jay presents This is Industrial Uplifting Trance 010, UrDance4u.com -2013.12.04
01. 5th Dimension - Together (Zutt Muziker Remix)-2014-[Brain Mapping]
02. John Dopping & Ally Brown - For The Art (Original Mix)-2013-[Borderline]
03. Rikkaz - Amy (Original Mix)-2012-[Infrasonic]
04. Rene Dale - Reset (James Poulton Remix-2013-[D.Max]
05. Paul Trainer - Elusive (Original Mix)-[A State Of Trance]
06. Beatsole - Now Evermore (Original Mix)-2013-[Somerhold]
07. French Skies - Blaster (Abandoned Rainbow Remix)-2013-[TFB]
08. Fergie & Sadrian - Musulman T (Original Mix)-2011-[Pharmacy]
09. Carlo Mathaye - Mysternux (Original Mix)-2013-[Terminal 01]
10. G8 & Andski - Underworld (Original Mix)-2013-[Aria Knights]
11. Des McMahon - Rain Maker (Original Mix)-2010-[Armada]
12. Kuffdam - Break My Fall-2009-[Vandit Digital]
13. John Newall - Dropkick (Sneijder Remix)-2012-[Mental Asylum]
14. Polymental - Chapter One (Mark Sherry's Outburst remastered remix)-2012-[CD-R]
15. Dreamy - Time Changer (The Stunning Sound Remix)-2012-[No Communicate]
16. Intomek - Limitless (Liam Wilson Remix)-2013-[NTR]
17. Jonas Stenberg pres. Sunstate - Nightfall (Rough Mix)-2010-[Sinnin Bundles]
18. 5th Dimension - Armageddon (Diego Morrill Remix)-2014-[Brain Mapping]
19. Karybde & Scylla - Rock It! (Brian Flinn Remix)-2013-[Blue Soho]
20. Paul Denton - Cabin Pressure (Sanglare Remix)-2011-[Dirty, Lies & Audio]
21. Pedro Delgardo vs. Reaky - Eskylator (Peter Plaznik Dark Sessions Remix)-2013-[Discover Dark]
22. Diego Morrill pres. TDM - Matriz D (5th Dimension Dark Remix)-2013-[Brain Mapping]

Next episode (011): December 18th
Next episode (012 XXL): December 28th

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