EL-Jay presents This is Uplifting Psy Trance 001 -2013.07.17

Free promotional sets with all Psy Trance subgenres.
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EL-Jay presents This is Uplifting Psy Trance 001 -2013.07.17

Postby EL-Jay » Fri Jun 28, 2013 4:03 pm

Uplifting Psy Trance Social Media Stream show on 3rd Wednesday, monthly.
Length of the set depence, how much tracks are available to use.

EL-Jay presents This is Uplifting Psy Trance 001, UrDance4u.com -2013.07.17
01. Des McMahon - Rain Maker (Original Mix)-2010-[Armada]
02. Fergie & Sadrian - Musulman T (Original Mix)-2011-[Pharmacy]
03. 00.db - Melatron-[JOOF Recordings]
04. Sunstryk - The Missing Lynk-2010-[Plusquam]
05. Fido X - Phatt Bastard [CD-R]
06. 00.db - Eminox-[Moist Music]
07. Fergie & Sadrian - See You (Original Mix)-2012-[Only Trance]
08. Andy Wood - The Reckoning (DaySayer Remix)-2013-[Fuzion Four]
09. 00.db - Oxygene (Eleusyn Remix)-2011-[Joof]
10. PsyEkal - Pacific Portal-2013-[Frenzy]
11. Amiranu - Electric Jesus (Original Mix)-2013-[Karana]
12. Deathmind & Choval - No Heart Feelings (Sequence Remix)-2013-[Diverted]
13. Fido X - Eternal Life (Original Mix)-2013-[Soviet]
14. Organ Donors - Locked Tight (Neal Tomas under-the-knife remix)
15. Oberon - Everything and More (Saga Remix)-2012-[Recover]
16. Amiranu - Watching The Trees Move (Original Mix)-2013-[Karana]
17. Amiranu - Painting The Sky (Original Mix)-2013-[Karana]
18. PsyEakl - Shiva's Dream-2013-[Frenzy]

Disclaimer: All used digital music sent by/received from promo mails remains the property of the copyright owner.

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