EL-Jay presents This is Uplifting Psy Trance 010 -2017.04.10

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EL-Jay presents This is Uplifting Psy Trance 010 -2017.04.10

Postby EL-Jay » Mon Apr 10, 2017 12:42 pm

Ur Uplifting 4 hours promo set trip in uplifting Psy outher space Psychedelic journey
In this episode the full energy power psy lifted used tracks choons out of the PsyStoned 001~080 episodes.

EL-Jay presents This is Uplifting Psy Trance 010, UrDance4u.com -2017.04.10
01. InnerSync - Gate Between Worlds (Original Mix)-2016-[Abora Chillout]
02. Egorythmia - 100 Billion Galaxies (Ilai Remix)-2015-[Iono Music]
03. Miro - By Your Side (Ovnimoon Instrumental)-2013-[Lost Language]
04. Sphera - Good Times (Original Mix)-2015-[Iono Music]
05. Ghost Rider - Perfect Touch (Original Mix)-2012-[Iboga]
06. Norma Project - Sunlight (Agent Kritsek Remix)-2015-[Sting]
07. Protoactive - Self Healing (Original Mix)-2015-[Freakuency]
08. Side Effects - Subconscious Mind (Original Mix) (Album Package)-2016-[Iono Music]
09. Liam Wilson & Phil Taylor - Tressilate (Sebastian Brandt Remix)-2014-[Critical Overload]
10. Ilai - Digital Jungle (Original Mix)-2014-[Iono Music]
11. Invisible Reality - Dance with Me (Original Mix)-2015-[Iono Music]
12. Cymbalta - Beyond Imagination (VA Goa Vol. 43)-2012-[Yellow Sunshine Explosion]
13. Side Effects - Night Creatures (Helber Gun Remix)-2015-[Iono Music]
14. Ritree - Bunker (Burn In Noise Remix)-2013-[Sourcecode]
15. Side Effects - Power of Knowledge (Original Mix) (Album Package)-2016-[Iono Music]
16. Ilai - Phosphorescence (Original Mix)-2015-[Tech Safari]
17. Side Effects - Blackhole (Original Mix) (Album Package)-2016-[Iono Music]
18. Ilai - Sacred Places (Original Mix)-2016-[Iono Music]
19. One Function - Transient (Original Mix)-2015-[VA - Goa Vol 3]
20. Side Effects - City on Mars (Original Mix) (Album Package)-2016-[Iono Music]
21. Ilai - Drawing Electric Storms (Original Mix)-2015-[Iono Music]
22. Ovnimoon & Via Axis - Superlight In The Darkness (Original Mix)-2015-[Psyology]
23. Norma Project - Ancient Tribe (Original Mix)-2014-[LW]
24. E-Clip - Capital Distress (Techyon Remix)-2015-[Iono Music]
25. E-Clip - Sacred Science (Redrosid Remix)-2014-[Yellow Sunshine Explosion]
26. Ikerya Project - Serbiana Melodica (Original Mix)-2015-[Pharmacy Music]
27. Kali - Typology (Lifeforms Remix)-2015-[Digital Om]
28. Yestermorrow - Visions of the Future (Original Mix, Album_The Divine Source)-2016-[Iono Music]
29. Zyce - Experience of Life (Sonic Sense Remix)-2015-[Iono Music]
30. Protonica, Tristate - Source Code (Original Mix)-2016-[Iono Music]
31. Tristate - Time And Space (Original Mix)-2015-[Yellow Sunshine Explosion]
32. Vertical Mode - Computer Music (Original Mix)-2015-[HOMmega]
33. Redrosid - Shrouded (Original Mix)-2015-[Iono Music]
34. Champa - Spirited Away (Goa vol55)-2015-[Yellow Sunshine Explosion]
35. Yestermorrow & Audiotec - Stellar Species (Original Mix, Album_The Divine Source)-2016-[Iono Music]
36. Mr. Suspect - Embrace the Darkness (Original Mix)-2015-[VA - Goa Vol 3]
37. Biocycle - Heart Tribe (Original Mix)-2015-[Geomagnetic]
38. Makida - The Master (Original Mix)-2014-[24-7]
39. Ace Ventura, Astrix - Valley of Stevie (Original Mix)-2016-[HOMmega]
40. Zen Mechanics - Hallucination Generation (Ital Remix)-2014-[Antu]
41. Ital - Om (Original Mix)-2014-[Antu]
42. Champa - Overtones (Album Goa Beach vol21)-2012-[Yellow Sunshine Explosion]
43. Imaginarium - Colliding Orbits (Original Mix)-2015-[Tip]
44. Polypheme - Crystal Skulls (Polypheme Remix)-2014-[Moon Spirits]

Disclaimer: All used digital music sent by/received from promo mails remains the property of the copyright owner.

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