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EL-Jay pres. Ur Ambient, Chill-out & Relax 005 -2015.07.14

Posted: Tue Jul 14, 2015 4:47 pm
by EL-Jay
The moment for peace, reflexing yourself, deeper thoughts about life, healing ur soul,
inspirations, romances, spiritual feelings on this beautiful Promoset. In this episode
90 minutes Spiritual Orchestral Ambient, Chill-out, Relax, Eastern effects, Dream Trance. Take a seat and relax

EL-Jay presents Ur Ambient, Chill-out & Relax 005, -2015.07.14
01. Afternova - True Friends (Original Mix)-2015-[Abora Symphonic]
02. Afternova - Until We Meet Again (Original Mix)-2015-[Abora Symphonic]
03. Ryan Farish - Sky Full of Stars (Original Mix)-2015-[Rytone Entertainment]
04. DJ Observer ft. ZFRMX - United (Acoustic Version)-2014-[Navida]
05. Southern Fraiz ft. Irena Love - Afterclouds (Adam Alonso's Cinematic Mix)-2011-[TAR]
06. Gerry Cueto - Route 99 (Ambient Mix)-2010-[Aco Music]
07. Ryan Farish - Rise Like the Sun (Original Mix)-2015-[Rytone Entertainment]
08. Sephira - The Blue Magnetic (Original Mix)-2014-[BMSS]
09. Dim Line - To the Stars (Original Mix)-2015-[Abora Chillout]
10. Chamras Saewataporn - Gras Flower (Original Mix)
11. Philler Music - A Long Journey (4 Seas Breakdown)-2014-[Trancer]
12. Playme - Euphoric Air (Bart Panco Piano Mix)-2014-[Abora]
13. Chamras Saewataporn - Destination (Original Mix)
14. Type 41 - Lore Master (Orchestral Mix)-2015-[Abora]
15. Chamras Saewataporn - Sea Field (Original Mix)
16. Marcin Przybylski - Desert Winds (Original Mix)-2015-[Abora Chillout]
17. Alessandro Rescio – Search For Jupiter -2014-[Tales From The Inside]
18. Erida ft. Eva Kade - Exosphere (MSK Chillout Mix)-2014-[SSR]
19. Ralph Lundsten - Paradise (Original Mix)
20. Arrakeen - Finding Freedom (Orchestral Instrumental Mix)-2015-[BPM]
21. Libra - Calling Your Name (Solarstone chill out remix)
22. Y-Traxx - Mysteryland (Moonwatchers Remix)
23. Balearia - Anatolia (Original Mix)-2013-[Abora Chillout]
24. Ahmed Romel - Prism (Breakdown)-2014-[Blue Soho] (EL-Jay Long Edit)
25. Ahmed Romel & Hazem Beltagui - Nihavent (Breakdown)-2014-[Blue Soho] (EL-Jay Long Edit)

Disclaimer: All used digital music sent by/received from promo mails remains the property of the copyright owner.

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