EL-Jay presents PsyStoned 084, DI.fm -2017.05.14

Weekly on sunday with newest Progressive Psy, Psytrance & Goa and young pearls of the past on DI.fm Goa-Psy Trance Channel 20:00 ~ 22:00 CET / 2.pm EST
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EL-Jay presents PsyStoned 084, DI.fm -2017.05.14

Postby EL-Jay » Fri Apr 28, 2017 11:46 am

Ur Weekly 2 hours set trip in outher space Uplifting Psychedelic journey.
In this trippy massive episode searched for the perfect Psy adventure journey

EL-Jay presents PsyStoned 084, DI.fm Goa-Psy Trance Channel -2017.05.14
01. Skyfall & Egorythmia - Time & Space (Original Mix)-2016-[Iono Music]
02. Monolock, Norma Project - Sound Therapy (Norma Project Remix)-2015-[EDM]
03. Opposite8 - Sun Fizz (Original Mix)-2014-[Iono Music]
04. Ritmo - Typical Amount of Loud (Original Mix)-2015-[Yellow Sunshine Explosion]
05. Ovnimoon - Galactic Mantra (Liquid Soul Remix)-2014-[Perfecto]
06. Protonica - Floating Point (Mindwave Remix)-2017-[Iono Music]
07. Norma Project - Spring Time (Original Mix)-2014-[Ovnimoon]
08. Redrosid - Singularity (Original Mix)-2014-[Iono Music]
09. Mindbenderz - The Dark and the Light (Original Mix)-2017-[Iono Music]
10. Astrix – Vicious Cycles (Skyfall Remix, Album_Regenerate)-2014-[Nano]
11. E-Clip - Salvia Divinorum (2017 Mix)-2017-[Iono Music]
12. Funky Dragon - Prog Machine (Album_Goa Moon Vol. 9)-2017-[Goa]
13. Doppler Shift - Aksharam (Album_Destinations 4)-2017-[Iono Music]
14. Sonic Entity, Ilai - Dmt Perception (Goa 2017, vol.1)-2017-[Yellow Sunshine Explosion]
15. Yestermorrow & Divination - Higher Consciousness (Original Mix, Album_The Divine Source)-2016-[Iono Music]
16. Symbolic & Avalon - Modern Age (Original Mix)-2015-[Nano]
17. Shogan - Dark Energy (Album_Universe)-2017-[Spiral Trax]
18. Liquid Soul - Synthetic Vibes (Starlab Remix-Goa 2017, vol.1)-2017-[Yellow Sunshine Explosion]
19. Lifeforms - This Way Up (Original Mix)-2014-[Iono Music]
20. Future Frequency - Transmission (Original Mix)-2015-[Nano]
21. E-Clip - Trivial (Album_Goa 2016 Vol.2)-2016-[Yellow Sunshine Explosion]
22. Outside The Universe - Other Dimension (Original Mix)-2015-[Nano]

Disclaimer: All used digital music sent by/received from promo mails remains the property of the copyright owner.

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