EL-Jay presents PsyStoned 169, DI.fm -2018.12.31

Weekly on sunday with newest Progressive Psy, Psytrance & Goa and young pearls of the past on DI.fm Goa-Psy Trance Channel 20:00 ~ 22:00 CET / 2.pm EST
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EL-Jay presents PsyStoned 169, DI.fm -2018.12.31

Postby EL-Jay » Mon Dec 24, 2018 8:51 pm

PsyStoned 169, the New Year’s Eve Special, will be broadcasted twice! 20:00 CET + 8.pm EST.
Four hours plus half minute of 12 noon clock tick tack fully synchrome with the real time clock inclusive
fireworks and new year wishes, full 2018 releases, just a selection what fit best together into 4 hours
in massive Psytrance and dark Goa.

EL-Jay presents PsyStoned 169, New Year’s Eve special, DI.fm Goa-Psy Trance Channel -2018.12.31
01. Sirius Music - Falling Awake (Manifestor remix, Gaias Tears (LP)-2018-[Ovnimoon]
02. Pulsar & Norma Project - Paraisos Artificiais (VA - Universal Reality vol.1 (LP)-2018-[Reson8 Music]
03. Ameba - @meba (Creations (EP)-2018-[Goa]
04. Pointfield & Gassho - Future Universe (VA - Prismatic Perceptions Vol 2 (LP)-2018-[Reson8 Music]
05. Zyrus7 - Inner Space (SP)-2018-[Critical Overload]
06. Elepho - Avengers (Chronicles edit, Chronicles (EP)-2018-[Ohm Ganesh Pro]
07. Dekin, Cosmic Light - Beyond Us (New Horizon (EP)-2018-[Ovnimoon]
08. Tranonica - Alien Essence (Human Evolution (LP)-2018-[Sun Department]
09. vGren - Tsunamotion (Superman On Acid (EP)-2018-[Spiral Trax]
10. Audiotec, Zen Mechanics - Telemetry (2018 Album edit, Museum of Dreams (LP)-2018-[Techsafari]
11. Mindbenderz - Lysergic Moments (Tribalism (LP)-2018-[Iono Music]
12. Psycho Vibration - On The Road (Atmodelic (EP)-2018-[Geomagnetic]
13. SoundSpirit - What Happen (Lost World (EP)-2018-[Goa]
14. Fergie & Sadrian - Wild Spirit (SP)-2018-[Pharmacy Music]
15. Christopher Lawrence & Fergie & Sadrian - Muladhara (SP)-2018-[Pharmacy Music]
16. Mindbenderz - The 5th Level (SP)-2018-[Iono Music]
17. Mind & Matter, Helber Gun - Perspectives (Fragile Nature (LP)-2018-[Iono Music]
18. Evolve The Future - Defcon (Science to Limits (EP)-2018-[Parabola]
19. Triceradrops - Candice (Coalesce (LP)-2018-[Pharmacy Music]
20. Triceradrops - Embrace (Coalesce (LP)-2018-[Pharmacy Music]
21. Polyplex - The Artist (Pusherman (EP)-2018-[Hi-Trip]
22. Alien Transition - Frequency Warrior (SP)-2018-[Geomagnetic]
23. Outside The Universe vs. Magik - 4D World (SP)-2018-[Nano]
24. Pogo & Mandala - A New Language (EP)-2018-[Nano]
25. Braincell - Talking Machines (Teleportations (EP)-2018-[Nano]
26. Circuit Breakers - Mind Probe (Explorations, Pt. 3 (EP)-2018-[Nano]
27. Nulla Taar - Cosmic Dream (VA - Prismatic Perceptions Vol 2 (LP)-2018-[Reson8 Music]
28. Sinerider - Silica Pathways (Open Tribe remix)-2018-[Enterrec]
29. Tech Tune - Techno Tuned (Gravity remix, Techno Tuned (EP)-2018-[Spiral Trax]
30. Triceradrops - Transfiguration Of The Mind (Coalesce (LP)-2018-[Pharmacy Music]
31. Impact - Human Source (Galactic Ways (LP)-2018-[Iono Music]
32. Mentalogic - Ocean (SP)-2018-[Enterrec]
33. Ben Marta - V-Storm (Bombing Pulse (EP)-2018-[Geomagnetic]
34. Morrisound - Mystic Land (Psychedelic Experience (LP)-2018-[Parabola Music]
35. Plasmatix & Total Eclipse - Shamanic Techno (SP)-2018-[Spiral Trax]
36. Material Music - KFM (Keysi Shadow Dance, Divine Dance (LP)-2018-[Spiral Trax]
37. Sentinel 7 - Howl (EP)-2018-[Pharmacy Music]
38. Mandala - Lotus Focus (Choose Love (EP)-2018-[Nano]
39. Nomad Aliens - Secret Place (Mystic Mandala (EP)-2018-[Goa]
40. Mandala (UK) - Uprising (Back To Your Nature (LP)-2018-[Nano]
41. Oberon Gr - Chameleons (EP)-2018-[Spiral Trax]
42. Sixsense - Darksiders (U.F.O. Phenomenon (LP)-2018-[Ovnimoon]
43. Dr. Psyhead - Samadhi (Samadhi (EP)-2018-[Geomagnetic]
44. Andyflip - Ark Fairy, Dark Hada (Suspended Animation (EP)-2018-[Hi-Trip]
45. Nomad Aliens - Biome (Mystic Mandala (EP)-2018-[Goa]
46. Cosmic Mantra, Ugammi - Hydrogen (Freak Territory (EP)-2018-[Digital Drugs Coalition]
47. Invoker - Infinite eyes of Intelligence (VA - Prismatic Perceptions Vol 2 (LP)-2018-[Reson8 Music]
48. Sixsense - Lunar Eclipse (Acid Party (LP)-2018-[Geomagnetic]
49. Psilosin - Dark Faces (DMT (EP)-2018-[Geomagnetic]
50. Neogenia - Hold Me Mother Goa (System Shock (LP)-2018-[Goa Records]
51. AcidProjekt - Only Dead Fish Go With Flow (Orphism (EP)-2018-[Digital Drugs Coalition]
52. Astral Jester - Fractelves (Spectral Expansion (LP)-2018-[Ohm Ganesh Pro]
53. Resonant Frequency - Lost at Night (Best Of Ohm Ganesh Pro 2018 (LP)-2018-[Ohm Ganesh Pro]
54. Ikigai - Out of Light (VA - Goa Trance Aural Expansion V2 (2CD LP)-2018-[Ovnimoon]
55. Tiyug, Hanumann - Geodesica (SP)-2018-[Digital Drugs Coalition]
56. Jayanta - Space Triangulation (Crystal Hyperdrive (EP)-2018-[Digital Drugs Coalition]
57. Dr. Psyhead - Turn On, Tune In (Samadhi (EP)-2018-[Geomagnetic]
58. Le Guide - Diagnostico (VA - Goa Trance Aural Expansion V2 (2CD LP)-2018-[Ovnimoon]
59. Astral Jester - Changa Fractalry (Spectral Expansion (LP)-2018-[Ohm Ganesh Pro]
60. EL-Jay ft. New Year’s Eve 12 noon clock tick tack – Happy New Year 2019 Everybody

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