Summer Solstice 2017 event guestset 2017.06.18

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Summer Solstice 2017 event guestset 2017.06.18

Postby EL-Jay » Sat Apr 29, 2017 8:51 pm

My guesset at the Psy Goa Channel Event. Expect a timeless strong tempo Psy journey, non stop energy with choon afters choons.

EL-Jay presents Summer Solstice 2017, Goa Psy-Trance Channel 2017.06.18
01. Om aka Ovnimoon - Viene (Original Mix)-2011-[Ovnimoon]
02. Ilai - Aura Planet (Original Mix)-2015-[Iono Music]
03. Ace Ventura, Lish - The Light (Astrix Remix)-2014-[Iboga]
04. Egorythmia - Eternal (Original Mix)-2015-[Iono Music]
05. Deedrah - The Gracenote (Original Mix)-2014-[United Beats]
06. Lyctum - Atmospheric Probe (Deedrah Remix)-2014-[United Beats]
07. Norma Project - Avalanches (EP Voice From A Distance)-2014-[Ovnimoon]
08. E-Clip - Indian Spirit (Original Mix)-2015-[Yellow Sunshine Explosion]
09. Ilai - Lost In The Music (Original Mix)-2014-[Iono Music]
10. Unseen Dimension - One (Zyce Remix)-2014-[Iono Music]
11. Yestermorrow - Quantum Hologram (Dual Vision Remix, Album_Destinations 4)-2017-[Iono Music]
12. Egorythmia & Roger Rabbit - Spiritual Science (ManMachine Remix)-2015-[Digital Om]
13. Satinka - We Come from Darkness & Light (Album Mysteries Of Psytrance v.5)-2015-[Ovnimoon]
14. Ascent & Nature - Your Mind (Original Mix)-2015-[Ovnimoon]
15. Egorythmia, Yestermorrow - Midnight Ritual (Original Mix)-2016-[Iono Music]
16. Ritree - Big Brother (Original Mix)-2014-[Iboga]
17. ManMachine - Equivalent (Original Mix)-2015-[Digital Om]
18. Side Effects - Freedom (Original Mix) (Album Package)-2016-[Iono Music]
19. ZeoLogic - State Of Mind (Original Mix)-2015-[Spiral Trax]
20. Voyager - Colours (Original Mix)-2015-[TechSafari]
21. E-Clip - Trivial (Original Mix)-2016-[Iono Music]
22. Side Effects - Brain Signal (Original Mix) (Album Package)-2016-[Iono Music]
23. Orpheus - Lonely Place (Original Mix)-2016-[Pharmacy Music]
24. Hypnoise - Om Tryambakam (Original Mix)-2014-[Antu]
25. Side Effects - Other Dimension (Original Mix)-2015-[Iono Music]
26. Hypnoise - Beyond Thoughts (Original Mix)-2014-[Antu]
27. Disorder - Outer Worlds (Mechanimal Remix)-2015-[Mutagen]
28. Makida - Singularity (Original Mix)-2014-[24-7]

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