EL-Jay presents Tranced Emotion 277, Trance.FM -2015.01.27

Uplifting & Vocal Trance Radioshow periode of 2008 ~ 2016 on Trance.FM Trance Channel
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EL-Jay presents Tranced Emotion 277, Trance.FM -2015.01.27

Postby EL-Jay » Thu Jan 08, 2015 12:22 am

Ur weekly tuesday 2hrs freestyle 140+ bpm Uplifting Trance Radioshow of the
best selected Euphoric tunes, mixed close of the same kind

EL-Jay presents Tranced Emotion 277, Trance.FM -2015.01.27
01. Myk Bee - Spiral (Original Mix)-2015-[Somerhold]
02. Manuel Rocca & Emily Richards - Love Sings Her Answer (Estigma Remix)-2015-[Levitated]
03. Edward South & Zift pres. Saggitarius - Amalthea (Mark Eworth & Pure System Remix)-2015-[D.MAX]
04. Omniks - Troia (Original Mix)-2015-[AEZ]
05. John Sunlight - Tear Oneself Away (Derek Palmer Remix)-2014-[Pulsar]
06. Jamie Drummond - Magic Man (Original Mix)-2013-[Discover Dark]
07. Ashmawi - Auralize (Original Mix)-2014-[BTSR]
08. Burak & Emre - Revival (TrancEye Remix)-2014-[Equinox]
09. Igor S - Boomerang (Jase Thirlwall Remix)-2014-[Arvas]
10. Imida & Red Sky - Xel Ha (Original Mix)-2014-[Pulsar]
11. Kelly Andrew - The Incursion (Ikerya Project Club Remix)-2013-[Abora]
12. Kinetica - Systematic Parts (Original Mix)-2014-[TFI]
13. Allen & Envy vs. Chris Cockerill - Acidic (Original Mix)-2013-[Digitized]
14. Eddie Bitar - Rollercoaster (Ahmed Romel Remix)-2013-[Mental Asylum]
15. Ikerya Project - Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark (Vlind Remix)-2014-[Liquid Energy]
16. Mark Doyle - The Fall (Mostfa & Mostfa Remix)-2014-[AEZ]
17. John Askew - Plush (Original Mix)-2014-[Perfecto Fluoro]
18. Darren Porter & Simon Dixon - Sledgehammer (Original Mix)-2013-[Fraction]
19. Binary Finary ft. Chris Arnott - Symphony of Mystery (Harmonic Rush Mix)-2014-[Critical Fusion]
20. Abandoned Rainbow - Softly Launched Missile (Original Mix)-2015-[AEZ]
21. Aero 21 - Waterfall (Angel Ace Remix)-2015-[Veritas]
22. Dreamy - Those Sudden Feelings (Ahmed Romel Remix)-2014-[Red Zone]
23. Fher Vizzuëtt - For Sharon With Love (Love Never Fails)-2014-[Fuzion Four]

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