EL-Jay presents Tranced Emotion 284, Trance.FM -2015.03.17

Uplifting & Vocal Trance Radioshow periode of 2008 ~ 2016 on Trance.FM Trance Channel
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EL-Jay presents Tranced Emotion 284, Trance.FM -2015.03.17

Postby EL-Jay » Sun Mar 15, 2015 4:22 pm

Ur weekly tuesday 2hrs freestyle 140+ bpm Uplifting Trance Radioshow of the
best selected Euphoric tunes, mixed close of the same kind.
In this episode full 2015 newest promo's & young releases, more massive Uplifting Trance

EL-Jay presents Tranced Emotion 284, Trance.FM -2015.03.17
01. Myk Bee - Essences (Original Mix)-2015-[Veritas]
02. Eddie Lung - Exiting Moment (Original Mix)-2015-[Linger]
03. Raddle B - My Dreamy World (Original Mix)-2015-[BTSR]
04. Farzam - Tehran (TrancEye Remix)-2015-[Ghost Tunes]
05. Bobina ft. Shahin Badar - Delusional (Ahmed Romel Remix)-2015-[Magik Muzik]
06. First Sight & Reiklavik - Basher (Original Mix)-2015-[Always Alive]
07. Paul Di White - Life Is Good (Original Mix)-2015-[Gent]
08. Andrew White - Vitus (Original Mix)-2015-[Solid Black]
09. Danny Legatto - Funcion (James McGuire Remix)-2015-[D.MAX]
10. Kinetica - The Last Wish (Original Mix)-2015-[In Trance We Trust]
11. Kyou Tenshi - Change (Sunflare Remix)-2015-[BTSR]
12. ReOrder & First Effect - Seriously (Original Mix)-2015-[Monster Force]
13. Mike Squillo pres. Psyrax - Psymulacra (Original Mix)-2015-[Tangled]
14. Danny Stubbs ft. Issa - Voices In The Dark (Scott Bond & Charlie Walker Rebooted Remix)-2015-[Rebooted]
15. Vlad Vix ft. Ange - The Rain (The Cloudy Day Dub Mix)-2015-[True Trance]
16. Alexey Ryasnyansky & Flatlex - Sunrise (Original Mix)-2015-[TFB]
17. Novaline - St. Petersburg (Original Mix)-2015-[Diverted]
18. Elia - Fields of Utopia (Original Mix)-2015-[D.MAX]
19. Paul Pele - Another Story (Original Mix)-2015-[Veritas]
20. Riot Night & Rhys Thomas - Halflight (Original Mix)-2015-[Critical State]
21. Artifi - Shamisen (Ellez Ria Remix)-2015-[Soul Waves Music]

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