EL-Jay presents Tranced Emotion 296, Trance.FM -2015.06.09

Uplifting & Vocal Trance Radioshow periode of 2008 ~ 2016 on Trance.FM Trance Channel
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EL-Jay presents Tranced Emotion 296, Trance.FM -2015.06.09

Postby EL-Jay » Wed May 20, 2015 4:22 pm

The best Trance radiosets of EL-Jay's Trance archive, in this episode replay
of TranceStoned 125. In this episode nearly full newest & hottest tunes, first 80 minutes for the
better 'driving' Uplifting Trance, a late Bangingzone brings you most weird
rough & naughty Dark & Psy-Trance to recieve ur excitinggasm!

EL-Jay presents Tranced Emotion 296, Trance.FM -2015.06.09
01. Paul Surety - River Of Dreams (Plutian Remix)-2015-[TFB]
02. CJ Arthur - In The Morning Light (Original Mix)-2015-[Veritas]
03. Ula - In Your heart (Original Mix)-2015-[Cloudland]
04. Dan Delaforce - Night Guardian (Neo Kekkonen Remix)-2015-[TFB]
05. RageVision - The Harbour (Dreamy Remix)-2015-[Ghost Tunes]
06. Kinetica - Cosmo Canyon (Original Mix)-2015-[Lostalgia]
07. Tensile Force - Aurora Borealis (Original Mix)-2015-[Infusion]
08. Plutian - Letters To Heaven (Original Mix)-2015-[Silent Shore]
09. Joze Linecker - Church Collapse (Original Mix)-2015-[BTSR]
10. Thomas G & Myk Bee pres. Gravity Impact - Dynamite (Original Mix)-2015-[Red Zone]
11. Sunflare - Breath of Morning (Original Mix)-2015-[Veritas]
12. Lostly - Not Giving In (Original Mix)-2015-[Discover]
13. Dreamy - You Said You Promised (Original Mix)-2014-[Liquid Energy]
14. Flynn & Denton ft. Audrey Gallagher - Say My Name (A&Z Remix)-2014-[Subculture]
15. Rob Corbo - One World (Original Mix)-2015-[Alternate Identity]
15a. Chapter ---------- Zoidiva ft. the Bangingzone (142+ bpm Dark & Psy zone) --------
16. Danila Kraev - Still Water Runs Deep (Laura May Remix)-2015-[Discover Digital]
17. Dave Emanuel & Ginjet - T.N.T. (Locus Tech Mix)-2015-[TronTronic]
18. Anthony S - Relentless (Unbeat Remix)-2015-[D.MAX Dark]
19. Janina - Closer (Original Mix)-2015-[Discover White]
20. Pablo Schugt - Solar Waves (Original Mix)-2015-[Pharmacy Music]
21. Enrique Calvetty & Paul Jove - Broken Rocks (Original Mix)-2015-[Brain Mapping]
22. LowProfile & Jens Jakob - Unik (Zutt Muziker & Carlos Martz Remix)-2015-[Unique Sound]
23. Triceradrops - Absence of Light (Original Mix)-2015-[Pharmacy Music]

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