EL-Jay presents Tranced Emotion 324, Trance.FM -2015.12.22

Uplifting & Vocal Trance Radioshow periode of 2008 ~ 2016 on Trance.FM Trance Channel
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EL-Jay presents Tranced Emotion 324, Trance.FM -2015.12.22

Postby EL-Jay » Sun Dec 20, 2015 11:46 am

Ur weekly tuesday 2hrs freestyle 140+ bpm Uplifting Trance Radioshow of the
best selected Euphoric tunes, mixed close of the same kind

Whas Tranced Emotion 321 the afterparty (ReRun) of TranceStoned 154 'Ladies Night', for this week it's turned, TranceStoned 158 'Ladies Night' is the 'ReRun' of tuesday's Tranced Emotion 324, because TranceStoned 158 is running in 1st Christmasday and the replay on 2nd Christmasday, so listening expect reduced with 50% because all christians are with family on christmas dinner or something else, so good reason to switch it to this tuesday with first on Tranced Emotion what have 2 ReRuns before TranceStoned and 1 after the ReRun of DI.

EL-Jay presents Tranced Emotion 324, Trance.FM -2015.12.22
01. Proyal - Far from Earth (Original Mix)-2015-[Discover Digital]
02. MK&TW - Firefly (Original Mix)-2015-[TFB]
03. Starlyte - Hypernova (Six Senses Dreamy Remix)-2015-[AscendanceAudio]
04. Sou Kanai - Mercy (Original Mix)-2015-[Elliptical Sun]
05. Paul Pele - Despair (Original Mix)-2016-[Veritas]
06. Miroslav Vrlik - Turn It On (Original Mix)-2015-[Silent Shore]
07. Gelvetta - The Memory Of Love (Arctic Ocean Emotional Mix)-2016-[Gert]
08. Abide - Come for You (Original Mix)-2015-[D.MAX]
09. Aeden - Tempest Sonata (Original Mix)-2015-[TFB]
10. Fredd Moz & Alan Santy - Life (Original Mix)-2015-[State Controle]
11. Dr Riddle vs. Moonrise Temple - Hello Pluto (Marco Mc Neil Remix)-2015-[Mysterious Station]
12. Kenan Teke - Dirty (Original Mix)-2015-[CDR]
13. Abide - Still a Wait (Original Mix)-2015-[TFB]
14. Igor Dyachkov - Encounter (Elite Electronic Remix)-2015-[Suanda True]
15. Ula - The Light (tranzLift Remix)-2015-[State Controle]
16. Aeden - Far Beyond (Mostfa & Mostfa Remix)-2015-[Beyond The Stars]
17. Amine Maxwell - Hypnotism (Original Mix)-2015-[Submission]
18. Raddle B ft. Rita Raga - For Eternity (Dave Cold Remix)-2016-[D.MAX]
19. Accelerator & Johnny The Boy - The Last Soldier (Ciro Visone Remix)-2015-[Discover]
20. DJ TH, Athema ft. Elyse G.Rogers - Strong Enough (Para X Remix)-2015-[Discover]
21. Phil Dinner - Maracana (Sergey Shabanov Remix)-2015-[Beyond The Stars]
22. Gary Maguire & CLSM - By My Side (ft. Lisa Abbott) (DJ TH Remix)-2015-[Discover]
23. Syntouch - In My Memory (Original Mix)-2015-[Extrema]
24. DJ Jireh ft. Ursula Kolbe - Among Us (Original Mix)-2016-[Deepsink]

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