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New TranceStoned Flyers episodes 101 ~ 199

Posted: Mon Nov 17, 2014 3:33 pm
by EL-Jay
Joey Patel designed new TranceStoned Flyers for episodes 101 ~ 199.
At episode 200 Anniversary Event (october 2016) we start with a new design.

designed by Joey Patel
for contact (Portfolio) info:

Some flyers are larger than my forum can show them, the UrDance4u Webdesigner is busy to add a crop option soon on the forum

Image Website format 940x376

Forum friendly format 500x333

CD-Cover, Avatar, SoundCloud, Mixcloud & mp3-file tag format 472x472

Signature BC-card UrDance4u Website format 315x150

facebook format 815x315