EL-Jay presents TranceStoned 126, DI.fm -2015.05.15

Uplifting Trance Radioshow (Ladies Night, Into the Darkness) episodes of periode 2009 ~ 2018 (stopped) on DI.fm Trance Channel.
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EL-Jay presents TranceStoned 126, DI.fm -2015.05.15

Postby EL-Jay » Sun Mar 29, 2015 3:06 pm

Ur weekly update of the best massive Uplifting Trance tunes (Euphoric, Tech, Dark, Psy)
mixed at 140+ bpm incl. the BangingZone close in same sound, weekly friday on DI.fm Trance Channel
In this 3rd friday of the month, Into the Darkness special episode, the bestof Dark Trance, Dark-Tech,
Dark Goa & Dark Psy Trance selected tracks close in same sound to build up to excitinggasm!
3rd friday of the month, not for the common ppl, not for the blond mainstream dreamers ...
3rd friday of the month, statement of art for diehard & hardliners of the best underground
lifting trance substyles on DI.fm Trance Channel ... not afraid for driving spirits of dark,
tech, goa, psy-tech or untamed psy-trance ... the day of joining the shadows in the darkness ...
if you can find them

EL-Jay presents TranceStoned 126 (Into the Darkness), DI.fm -2015.05.15
01. George Ford - Outbreak (Original Mix)-2015-[Darker Depths]
02. David Rust - Chronicle (Original Mix)-2015-[Critical Overload]
03. Luke Costa & Sebastian Maskiv - Leave Behind Your Mind (Original Mix)-2015-[Edge Vision]
04. S.U.N. Project - To The Limits (Original Mix)-2014-[HOM-Mega]
05. Michael Kaelios - Target (Tech Trance Mix)-2015-[BPM]
06. Alignments - Theory of the Statics (Spectro Boy Remix)-2015-[Geomagnetic]
07. Parametric Mind - The Gate (Original Mix)-2015-[D.MAX]
08. Hypnoise & Ital - The Awakening (Original Mix)-2014-[Antu]
09. Disorder - Outer Worlds (Mechanimal Remix)-2015-[Mutagen]
10. Illiuchina - Psychedelic Revolution (Original Mix)-2014-[Mechanik]
11. Kinetica - Alright Now (Mark Eworth & Pure System Remix)-2015-[Critical Overload]
12. Sub6 - Droid Save The Queen (Zyce Remix)-2014-[YSE]
13. Didra & 1024KB - Swing It (Original Mix)-2014-[Fineplay]
14. Zaa ft. Anthya - Ghost Of Love (Vlind Dub Mix)-2014-[Cloudland]
15. Life Extension - Calling You (Original Mix)-2015-[Geomagnetic]
16. Trance Conspiracy - Rising (Vlind Remix)-2015-[Digitized]
17. Feel ft. Johnny Norberg - The Razor (UCast Remix)-2015-[Trancemission]
18. Riot Night & G8 - Iron Fist (Original Mix)-2015-[CDR]
19. Stuart Millar - Cobra (Original Mix)-2014-[Discover Dark]
20. Anthony S - Relentless (Original Mix)-2015-[D.MAX Dark]
21. Thomas G & Myk Bee pres. Gravity Impact - Dynamite (Joze Linecker ReDirt Mix)-2015-[Red Zone]
22. Liam Wilson - Nyquist (Original Mix)-2015-[Critical State]

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