EL-Jay presents TranceStoned 203, DI.fm -2016.11.04

Ur Update of best newest Uplifting Trance tunes on http://www.di.fm Trance Channel
Every friday at: 20:00 CET / 7.pm UK 2 hours with Euphoric, Dark, Tech & Dark-Psy
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EL-Jay presents TranceStoned 203, DI.fm -2016.11.04

Postby EL-Jay » Thu Nov 03, 2016 5:11 pm

Ur weekly update of the best massive Uplifting Trance tunes (Euphoric, Tech, Dark, Psy)
mixed at 140+ bpm incl. the BangingZone close in same sound, weekly friday on DI.fm Trance Channel.
In this episode Old fashioned bang bang TranceStoned episode with no limits to go extreme..

EL-Jay presents TranceStoned 203, DI.fm -2016.11.04
01. Gianne Echavarre - Iora (Nikolauss Remix)-2016-[AscendanceAudio]
02. Mike Sang & Muzik Dealerz - Supersonic (Original Mix)-2016-[Transire]
03. Kriess Guyte - Titan (Original Mix)-2016-[Critical State]
04. Max Ivanovsky - Era (Original Mix)-2015-[Infusion]
05. Abide - Fault (Original Mix)-2016-[TFB]
06. Dee Conaghan - Argentina (Original Mix)-2016-[Rise]
07. Guy Alexander - Dawn of Fate (Original Mix)-2016-[CloudRush]
08. Federico Jaimes - Wood stick (Original Mix)-2016-[Unique Sounds]
08a. Chapter ---------- Zoidiva ft. the Bangingzone (141+ bpm massive pumping zone) --------
09. Robert Vadney - Black Hole Zion (Original Mix)-2015-[Pulsar Dark]
10. Disorder - Samurai Murderers (Brainiac Remix)-2015-[Mutagen]
11. Asteria - Whaaat (Original Mix)-2016-[Critical State]
12. Highforcer - Renegade (Fresh Code Remix)-2016-[Lifted Audio]
13. Seven Ways & Planet Disconnect - Kepler (Original Mix)-2015-[Pharmacy Music]
14. 7Wonders - Found You (Original Mix)-2016-[Beyond The Stars]
15. Nicola Maddaloni ft. Claire Willis - Leave The Past Behind (R3dub Remix)-2016-[TFB]
16. Altitude - Alitude (Kinetica Remake)-2016-[CDR]
17. Blacklisted - Nervous Breakdown (Original Mix)-2016-[Mysterious Station]
18. Erika K - Tension (Original Mix)-2016-[Tangled Audio]
19. Johnny The Boy - Techno Message (Original Mix)-2016-[TFB]
20. Nathia Kate & Aundlang - Killerbeat (WAO Upstep Mix)-2016-[Solid Black]
21. Vita - The Prophecy (Original Mix)-2016-[Discover White]
22. Xian - Limitless (Original Mix)-2016-[Discover Digital]
23. Feel & Make One - The Power Of Nature (Ahmed Romel Remix)-2015-[Trancemission]

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