EL-Jay presents TranceStoned 220, DI.fm -2017.03.03

Uplifting Trance Radioshow (Ladies Night, Into the Darkness) episodes of periode 2009 ~ 2018 (stopped) on DI.fm Trance Channel.
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EL-Jay presents TranceStoned 220, DI.fm -2017.03.03

Postby EL-Jay » Tue Feb 14, 2017 4:34 pm

Ur weekly update of the best massive Uplifting Trance tunes (Euphoric, Tech, Dark, Psy)
mixed at 140+ bpm incl. the BangingZone close in same sound, weekly friday on DI.fm Trance Channel.
Ending TranceStoned in last episodes, we build up to the next monthly concept show after TranceStoned: Into the shadow of Darkness, soon starting in april. In this episode full Dark, Tech and Psy-Tech with no limits to go extreme!

EL-Jay presents TranceStoned 220, DI.fm -2017.03.03
01. Mono Voice - Protokoll (Original Mix)-2016-[Cloudland]
02. May - I - Welcome to the Underground (Original Mix)-2016-[Discover Code Red]
03. Monolock - Under Attack (Original Mix)-2015-[Critical Overload]
04. Miles - Syre (Changes Remix)-2015-[Discover Dark]
05. Zach Zlov - Dark Blood (Enrique Calvetty Remix)-2015-[Brain Mapping]
06. Azima - Before The Dawn (F.G. Noise Remix)-2016-[Lifted Audio]
07. Highforcer - Warpdrive (Original Mix)-2016-[Mysterious Station]
08. Gordon Coutts - Grace (Original Mix)-2015-[Aria Knights]
09. 7Wonders - Protect (Original Mix)-2016-[Tangled Audio]
10. Too Many Artists - Mayhem's Rebirth at Vortex Arcade (Moonstruck's Mashup)-2016-[CDR]
11. Redrosid - Shrouded (Original Mix)-2015-[Iono Music]
12. Allan McLuhan - Universal Connection (Original Mix)-2016-[Radioactive]
13. Yan Weinstock - 1986 (Neos Remix)-2016-[Discover Dark]
14. Rafael Osmo - Avalanche (Original Mix)-2016-[Pharmacy Plus]
15. DJ Noise - Be In Groove (Noise vs. Nonsdrome Eschatological Mix)-2015-[VoiceNoise]
16. F.E.B - ** Off The Police (Original Mix)-2016-[Operator]
17. Harmonic Rush & Asteria - Joanne In Wonderland (Original Mix)-2016-[Critical Overload]
18. Imida - King Tower [Of Course] (Carlos Martz Remix)-2015-[Delaforce]
19. Stardesign - Max Pain (TrancEye pres. Skull Crusher Remix)-2015-[Pharmacy Plus]
20. Liam Wilson - Nyquist (James Dymond Remix)-2015-[Critical Overload]
21. Johnny The Boy - Techno Message (Original Mix)-2016-[TFB]
22. Liam Wilson & Will Atkinson - The Hurricane (Original UA Edit)-2013-[Flux Delux]
23. Shogun - City Of Angels (UCast Remix)-2015-[Monster Pure]
24. Johan Ekman - Hold On (Original Mix)-2015-[In Trance We Trust]
25. Oberon - Numbers In The Sky (Original Mix)-2014-[Discover Dark]
26. Stefano Brigati - Recall (Ellez Ria Remix)-2016-[Tangled Audio]
27. Ulukuom - Know How To Dance (Original Mix)-2015-[Brain Mapping]
28. Tangle - Warlock (Creative Remix)-2017-[Critical Overload]
29. Peter Plaznik - Outer Space (Original Mix)-2017-[Discover Dark]
30. Lyctum & Spinney Lainey - Wake Up (Vlind Remix)-2015-[Edge EDM]

Disclaimer: All used digital music sent by/received from promo mails remains the property of the copyright owner.

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