EL-Jay presents TranceStoned 231, DI.fm -2017.12.19

Uplifting Trance Radioshow (Ladies Night, Into the Darkness) episodes of periode 2009 ~ 2018 (stopped) on DI.fm Trance Channel.
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EL-Jay presents TranceStoned 231, DI.fm -2017.12.19

Postby EL-Jay » Fri Dec 15, 2017 8:50 pm

Ur monthly update of the best massive Dark, Tech & Psy-Tech Trance tunes
mixed at 140+ bpm at the 3rd tuesday monthly on DI.fm Trance Channel.
In this extreme massive episide we start first with raved dark techno upbuilding
in 11 bpm trippytour to 150 bpm techcore. When I say in good dutch, this episode
is: Waanzinnig Vet, expect most insane TranceStoned episode you did ever heard.

EL-Jay presents TranceStoned into the Darkness 231, DI.fm -2017.12.19
01. John 00 Fleming - We close doors (Eeemus's Black Lodge remix)-2017-[Joof]
02. TOM - Another You (Original Mix)-2018-[Discover Code Red]
03. Jackob Rocksonn & Mikolaj Gnap - Supra (Original Mix)-2017-[Liquid Energy]
04. Dub Tek - Fear Factor (Original Mix)-2017-[Pharmacy Plus]
05. Alessandra Roncone & Mark L - Down the Rabbit Hole (Original Mix)-2016-[Extrema]
06. Katrik & Aveo, Hypersia - Cassiopeia (Fresh Code Remix)-2017-[Lifted Audio]
07. Dwight Glove - Vortex (Original Mix)-2016-[Discover Dark]
08. Qosmio - Insomnia (Original Mix)-2015-[Discover White]
09. Diego Morrill pres. TDM - Sinister (R.E.L.O.A.D. Remix)-2017-[Operator]
10. Axel Walters - Thunderbolt (Extended Mix)-2017-[Suanda Dark]
11. Impulse Wave - They Hate Us (Original Mix)-2017-[Liquid Energy Digital]
12. Olbaid - Lovers on Fire (Diego Morrill Remix)-2017-[Discover Dark]
13. Obi - Mondo (Original Mix)-2017-[Discover Dark]
14. Gene Xander - Paradigm City (Erika K & Daun Giventi Remix)-2017-[Alter Ego]
15. Gary Noon - Mayday (Original Mix)-2015-[Critical State]
16. Stephane Badey - Masters of Time (Original Mix)-2017-[Pharmacy Music]
17. NX-Trance - Whiplash (Original Mix)-2017-[Mysterious Station Dark]
18. Indio - Universe (Universe EP)-2017-[Parabola Music]
19. Haris C - Mandala (Kiyoi & Eky Remix)-2017-[Tangled Audio]
20. Nx-Trance - Overdose (Original Mix)-2017-[Mysterious Station Dark]
21. Stephane Badey - Alien (Original Mix)-2017-[Liquid Energy]
22. First Sight - Liar (Original Mix)-2017-[CDR]
23. Fresh Code - Distance (Extended Mix)-2017-[Lifted Audio]
24. John Askew - Battery Acid (Ellez Ria Arkam Reborn)-2017-[Discover Dark]
25. No Cliu - Fatty Tuna (Original Mix)-2017-[Pharmacy Music]
26. Fobi - Activated (Original Mix)-2014-[Psycana]

Disclaimer: All used digital music sent by/received from promo mails remains the property of the copyright owner.

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