EL-Jay presents TranceStoned 204, DI.fm -2016.11.11

Uplifting Trance Radioshow (Ladies Night, Into the Darkness) episodes of periode 2009 ~ 2018 (stopped) on DI.fm Trance Channel.
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EL-Jay presents TranceStoned 204, DI.fm -2016.11.11

Postby EL-Jay » Fri Nov 11, 2016 7:01 pm

Ur weekly update of the best massive Uplifting Trance tunes (Euphoric, Tech, Dark, Psy)
mixed at 140+ bpm incl. the BangingZone close in same sound, weekly friday on DI.fm Trance Channel.
In this episode, full driving massive uplifting trance with some vocal choons.

EL-Jay presents TranceStoned 204, DI.fm -2016.11.11
01. Independent Art - Phenomena (Original Mix)-2016-[Mindlifting]
02. Sied van Riel & Estigma - Bow (Original Mix)-2016-[Vandit]
03. The Cloudy Day - Inevitability (Original Mix)-2016-[Alter Ego]
04. O'Shea & Newell - Light Land (Original Mix)-2016-[Tangled Audio]
05. Corin Bayley - Artificial Intelligence (Original Mix)-2016-[Kill The Lights]
06. Nathia Kate - The Way (Type 41 Remix)-2016-[Fuzion Four]
07. ReXter - Spitfire (Erika K Remix)-2016-[TFB]
08. Marvic - Energetic (Original Mix)-2016-[Gert]
09. Luca Gazzola - Ironside (Original Mix)-2016-[D.MAX]
10. Marian Closca pres. Seven - Battlefield (Original Mix)-2016-[Pulsar]
11. Ciro Visone & Chris Raynor - MiG-29 (Original Mix)-2016-[State Control]
12. Alpha Project - Venom (Original Mix)-2016-[Discover]
13. Gareth Weston - Checkmate (Luke Warner Remix)-2016-[Digitized]
14. Hiromori Aso - You Are Not Alone (TrancEye Remix)-2016-[Pulsar]
15. Rydex - Reflection (Original Mix)-2016-[TFB]
16. Second Reason - Quantum Break (Original Mix)-2016-[Lifted Audio]
17. Libra - Music Speaks Louder (Original Mix)-2016-[Beyond The Stars]
18. Alex M.O.R.P.H. & Song And The Moon - Don't Talk Away The Magic (Heatbeat Remix)-2016-[Vandit]
19. NoMosk - Aquilo (Original Mix)-2015-[Suanda True]
20. A.R.D.I. - Silicon Society (Original Mix)-2016-[Critical Uprising]
21. MK&TW - Harder2Yourself (Original Mix)-2016-[Mysterious Station]
22. Tau-Rine - Darkness (Original Mix)-2016-[Mysterious Station]
23. Adam Szydlik - Venox (Original Mix)-2016-[Silent Shore]
24. David Surok - Plankton (Original Mix)-2016-[TFB]

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